Fangyi (Yiyi) Yang

Hi there!
I’m Yiyi, a multidisciplinary designer based in New York.


Ceremony Planning 
Interdisciplinary Design, Participatory Installation, Nature & Environment

Ceremony Planning is an examination in honoring nature and human relationships to the earth, through collaborative language building by the participants’ collective performance and decentering the designers from the site.

The project provides an open space for us to step back and reflect on our connection with the land, thus cultivating nature-centered behaviors. The goal is to transcend anthropocentrism and no longer view nature as an endless resource.

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Water Sense
Interactive Media

Water Sense is an interactive installation that personify water as a living being. It all began with a question: How might water sense us? 

Either deliberately or unconsciously, we interact with natural substances such as air, water, and soil perpetually. Water Sense uses water as a medium to investigate the boundaries of the natural and the man-made. The projection is a remixed video of multiple scenarios of water’s existence, impacted by humans. 

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Greetings Imposter
Experience Design, Mixed Reality 

Greetings Imposter is a personalized mixed-reality escape room experience that raises awareness of imposter syndrome. Although the raw experience of imposter syndrome is depressive, I hoped to engage with the audience in a lighthearted way to invite them to take a break from everyday pressure, and know that if they’ve been through the symptoms, they’re not alone.

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Classon Commute
Experimental Typography Design

What is it to read and to write? Inspired by Paul Elliman’s work, I began thinking about rearranging groups of ordinary things in a certain way in order to create an interesting system for the objects to react to one another. 

The 3-minute video with the “dancing” strokes showcases the Classon Commute alphabets with endless opportunities derived from one’s commuter experience. 

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©Fangyi Yang