Fangyi (Yiyi) Yang

DuoVinyl (2022)

Have you had moments when you just want to do nothing and unwind in your favorite playlist? Have you had times when you want to be left alone yet feels lonesome? What if someone else is going through the same moment with you and give you a little nudge? 

DuoVinyl is a digital vinyl store that lightheartedly connects and heals worn out souls through music. It provides a safe space for regular music listeners to connect emotionally through shared music taste, and support each other anonymously, with zero pressure. 


Studies have shown that rates of depression in the United States tripled since the pandemic and continue to rise in 2022. The work-from-home environment also became one of the main causes of the increase due to the feeling of loneliness and emontional isolation. 


Listening to music (even in isolation) can offer a sense of comfort and belonging and a sense of shared feelings. According to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the average time people spent listening to music worldwide increases each year.

How might we build a judgement-free healing space where people can truly unwind and support each other emotionally through music?

Solution – How DuoVinyl can help 

DuoVinyl encourages users who are listening to music with similar mood/genre to connect in real-time, allowing them to share playlist with each other and start a conversation if they wish. 

Persona 1 

Introverted illustrator Peony often feels pressured and burnt out to socialize in-person and find it relieving and delightful connecting with people at DuoVinyl. 

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